Schengen Family Visa For Family Members of EU Nationals

For those who are having family members as EU citizens, you may need to obtain Schengen family visa when visiting them. For many EU citizens whose the family members are from Non-EU nationals like Asia, Africa they might not travel freely within Schengen region, thus they have to possess Schengen family visa to enter Europe. Schengen family visa has same regulations as short stay Schengen visa, this visa allows its holder to travel to all of the Schengen states for a period of three months with the purpose of visiting families or relatives.

For family members of EU citizens who holding a Schengen family visa, they have right to move and reside freely with their EU citizen family members. Same as the short-term visa requirements, whether they are living or traveling within the Schengen States or not, whether they travel with their family or not. They do not need the additional visa. It is because the Schengen rules allow any third country nationals to stay and travel within a period of time. However, if they are willing to travel from Schengen states to Non-Schengen states or vice versa, they will be subjected to rules on visas and border controls as well. In particular occasion, the Schengen family visa is not required for the third country national family members of EU citizens who bring a special residence card which issues by another Schengen member states.

Requirements for a visa for family members of EU citizen

Schengen Family Visa

Schengen Family Visa

According to  Directive 2004/38/EC, these are the following requirements to make a Schengen family visa.

  1. In the visa applicantion, you must clearly state a direct family member of an EU citizens and prove it by put along the relevant documents such as marriage documents, birth certificate, and etc.
  2. State the purpose of traveling, and who you will be traveling with. Clearly stated whether you travel for visit or permanently move to another Schengen states. If you plan to stay permanently, then you must attach the employment documents such as where you have lived and worked before in one of the Schengen countries.
  3. Copy your passport with photo and minimum two blank pages left.

Things to remember!

Schengen Family Visa review

Schengen Family Visa review

According to the rules, Where such a visa is required, the Schengen member states shall grant every facility to obtain the visa. The visa shall be issued free of charge, as soon as possible on the basis of an accelerated procedure.

There are no legal requirements to make this visa which stated:

  1. The EU citizen must already or will be living and work in other EU member state
  2. The non-EU family member must hold a specific immigration visa or status. Actually, it is fine for them to have a Schengen family visa, or a visitor’s visa or even implied status.
  3. The family member can only apply in their country of origin
  4. The family member must have resided or previously resided in the EU or EEA countries.

There is also no legal requirements that required the applicants to submit these following documents. It means this document is optional. The documents are included:

  1. Bank statements
  2. Pay slip
  3. Letter from your present or past employer or school
  4. Letter of reference
  5. Airline tickets
  6. References of guarantees from people in the destination country

There are also several things that make your visa application is likely to be rejected or failed. The embassy or consulate general will give detail explanation why your visa application is rejected. These are several occasions that make visa application is rejected:

  1. Public health issues such as contagious disease
  2. National security
  3. Urgent public policy
  4. The marriage was done solely for getting the visa

By having Schengen family visa, you can go travel and visit your family member in one Schengen country or more during three months within a period of six months. But if you travel outside the Schengen areas, you will be required to get a new visa. If you willing to stay longer than three months in Schengen countries, you will be required to get re

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