Turkish visa plus is a visa issue by the government of Turkey in form of electronic visa. This visa issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and its subsequent diplomatic missions abroad with the stated goal of regulating and facilitating migratory flows. This visa is designated for the foreign nationals who wish to enter Turkey or remain in the country. Every Turkey visitors must obtain a visa from the Turkish diplomatic mission unless they are coming from 78 visa-exempt countries or one of the 42 countries and territories whose citizens are eligible for Visa on arrival. Turkish visa plus or e-visa can be obtained online or via interactive kiosks located in Turkish airports. The holders of this visa can have multiple entry e-Visa online prior to arrival. They are able to stay in Turkey for a maximum stay of 90 days within 180 days unless the visa stated otherwise.

Things to know before applying Turkish Visa Plus

Turkish Visa Plus

Turkish Visa Plus

Though Turkey is one of the countries in Europe, the visa requirements to enter Turkey is more complicated than the Schengen visa. Here we provide you with the additional information regarding Turkish visa plus.

  1. If you plan to apply Turkish visa plus or E-Visa, kindly visit www.evisa.gov.tr. This is a government portal run by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkey.
  2. E-visa applications are eligible for an individual, family up to 10 people, or a group of minimum 10 people and maximum 300 people.
  3. This visa is only valid for tourist and business purpose or trade purpose.
  4. Before applying for this visa, make sure to check whether you are a country citizens which eligible to create this visa or not. You can visit the Turkey government portal by clicking Main Page and click apply and select the country of the region. If your country is on the list means you are welcomed to apply.
  5. Make sure that your travel documents still valid for at least 6 months from the date you intend to enter Turkey. Depending on the applicant’s nationality, they might be required to put additional documents. You will be informed about what documents to provide after you select your nationality and travel dates.
  6. You can only make payment by Mastercard, Visa, and Union Pay credit/debit card. The card is not required to be under your name, but you have to make sure that your card has 3D Secure System and it is open to international transaction
  7. After you apply, you will receive e-mail address verification message, click approve button and proceed with the payment within 24 hours. If not, your application will be invalid and the system will reject your payment. If that so, you will need to create a new application.
  8. In case, if there any suspended or unsuccessful transaction during the application procedure, kindly inform the e-Visa Support Desk. You don’t have to create a new application or make a new payment unless it is advised. Remember, the Embassy will not be responsible for additional payments and no refund will be granted in the case of such unfinished transactions.
  9. The e-Visa fee can be paid only in U.S Dollars. Fortunately, you do not have to possess a USD account. Your equivalent amount in local currency will be deducted from your account.
  10. Once you finish your payment, they will automatically send the link to download your e-Visa through your email account. The officers of Passport control at the ports can verify your e-Visa in their system when you make an entry. However, it is better for you to keep your e-Visa in soft copy (on tablet PC, smartphone etc.) or in hard copy in case of any failure in the system.
  11. The validity period of your e-Visa may be different with the duration of stay. You may enter Turkey within the validity period. Remember, if you wish to enter Turkey earlier or stay longer than the date specified on your e-Visa, you have to create a new visa application.
  12. When your e-Visa is processed, none of the information on it can be changed. Make sure that the information on your e-Visa must be same as the information on your travel document. Otherwise, your e-Visa will be invalid and you will not get a refund for it.

Turkish visa plus can be made through online by visiting the Turkey portal government. Make sure you already prepare all of the documents that will be needed and read carefully the instruction to avoid any mistake.