A Schengen tourist visa is designated for the citizens of Schengen countries who want to travel to other countries or visit their relatives who live in the Schengen Area. It does not require its holder to have the citizenship status of the designated country. With this visa, you can freely go to the designated Schengen countries. However, this visa also has limitations. It allows you to stay or reside in the designated Schengen country for three months maximum or 90 days unless the visa stated that you are given special permission. Usually, a person with a Schengen tourist visa is forbidden to work within a period of time.

Can Non-European citizens get a Schengen tourist visa? The answer is yes. For Non-European citizens who stay in particular Schengen countries and want to travel to other Schengen countries are obligated to apply for this visa. The visa will be under tourist specification. Depend on the authorities who issued the visa, they might be allowed to go to other Schengen countries whether a single entry or multiple entries. They permit to stay for three months maximum or 90 days within the period of 6 months in one year. The authorities may give different policy depending on the purpose of travel and other relevant factors.

What document to prepare?

documents to make scenghen visa

documents to make scenghen visa

The following points below is the general list of documents to prepare.

  1. Application form. You can get the application form on the internet. Fill the form electronically and then print it out.
  2. Your recent photo. Print your photo by using passport format, full face with a light background.
  3. Your passport. Put your passport along with all of your previous visa copies. It must have two blank pages with validity for at least 3 months prior to your departure.
  4. Ticket copies. You should put a copy of the reservation ticket, especially return ticket in the time you will be traveling.
  5. Proof of accommodation and medical insurance. Your medical insurance must be able to cover your medical emergency with hospital care. Usually, this health insurance cover expenses up to 30,000 euros and it is valid in all of the Schengen countries. The health insurance is purchased before you pick up the visa. In case if your visa application is denied, you can cancel it anytime.

Besides the general documents, to apply for Schengen tourist visa, you will be required to submit additional documents. The documents depend on your purpose of travel. Are you going to visit friends or relatives or just travel without visiting anyone?

Visiting friends or relatives

visiting friends for visa

visiting friends for visa

This is a list of the additional documents to prepare when you are applying Schengen tourist visa for visiting your friend or relatives.

  1. Bank statement that valid for six months
  2. Description of the trip and purpose of traveling that written down in a letter.
  3. The last three years of income tax returns
  4. Letter of appointment and formal invitation from the relative or friend in the Schengen countries
  5. Proof of legal entity of the company (in case of business trip)
  6. Other documents that might be specified in the visa

In case if you do not have any bank account, or do not have enough money to cover all of the expenses, you may ask your friend or relative to sign an official affidavit of support. When applying for a visa, make sure to bring the original one.

Travel only

visa for travel

visa for travel

If you are just traveling without visit any friend or relative, there are not many additional documents to prepared. You will just need the applicant bank statement and the detailed itinerary of traveling days in the Schengen zone include hotel reservations.

Submitting the application

After you repaired all of the required documents, you have to submit your application to the consulate general or embassy of designated country in your home country. You are recommended to apply for Schengen tourist visa at least 14 days before your planned trip. Usually, the embassy or consulate will reply your application maximum in ten days during working days. The late reply from the embassy or consulate may occur if there is any problem or something extraordinary happened to the applicant or political situation in the country.