Ireland Visa is one of many documents that you need if you want to go to Ireland. This country is one of the best country in Europe that you need to visit someday, if you haven’t put Ireland in your bucket list then you should put it now. Because Ireland is one country with a lot of beautiful places that you couldn’t see in another country and really worth to visit. Ireland also listed as one of the Schengen member in Europe and it could be a great advantage if you ever visit Ireland.

To make a Ireland Visa is almost the same with any other countries, bu with Ireland Visa you would be able to see a lot of beautiful places in Ireland like the Blarney Castle one of the oldest and the most historical castle that you could find in Ireland, and also Killarney one small city in Ireland that would be a best place for you who love to take a long walk and enjoy a beautiful view, this city is surrounded with green forrest, rock mountain, and also a beautiful lake to complete the view, and if you tired of walking you could travel the city by using a canoe or even a small boat. And if you think Ireland is good enough to visit here are some tips and tricks that you should know before you make a Ireland Visa:

Ask Someone To Make It For You

An Ireland Visa

An Ireland Visa

If you are busy and have no time to make the visa by yourself then you could simply ask someone to make it for you. Nowadays there are a lot of companies who offer you a help to make a visa for you, but it doesn’t mean the company do everything, the company only helps you to complete the documents and then deliver it to the Embassy, so you still need to attend all of the appointment to meet with the Embassy. Then lastly when the result of your Visa application come, the company would get it for you and deliver it to you.

Make It By Yourself

An Ireland Visa

An Ireland Visa

Or if you curious about the process to make a Visa, then you could always do it by yourself. The things that you need to do are:

  1. Make An Appointment With The Embassy

First thing that you need to do make an appointment with the Embassy. And it is different for each Embassy, but usually the Embassy would let all of the people to make an online appointment from their official website.

  1. Documents

Then after you make an appointment next thing that you need to do is prepare all the documents like your ID, flight ticket, passport, insurance and many other documents that the Embassy would tell you. But whatever the documents are, the most important thing that you need to remember is to make a lot of copies of the documents, because you wouldn’t know when you would need it.

  1. Wait

After you prepare all of your documents then you need to wait until the Embassy call you to come, then you would come to the Embassy to see the Embassy’s staff. Then you need to wait for more days until the Embassy call you again to tell you that if your Visa application is approved or not.

Make A Schengen Visa

make a Schengen Visa

make a Schengen Visa

If you want to visit another country beside Ireland then it is recommended for you to make a Schengen Visa instead of making a Ireland Visa. With the Schengen Visa you could freely visit all of the countries that listed as the member of Schengen. The Schengen Visa has 2 different types of Visa that you could choose according to your needs. The Single Entry Schengen Visa is used for you who want to travel all of the countries that listed as the member of Schengen such as Netherlands, France, Austria, Bulgaria, and many more. But you need to remember that the validity of Single Entry Schengen Visa would be over if you ever visit another country outside the Schengen area. But if you really want to visit another country outside the Schengen then you should make a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa, this visa would let you visit all of the Schengen countries and also another country that not listed as the Schengen member but still in Europe. So this Visa is much better than the Ireland Visa for you who wannt to visit another country beside Ireland.