No matter what your nationality, you will need Switzerland Visa to travel to Switzerland. Swiss or Switzerland become one of the favorite countries in Europe for work and doing business. The country offers interesting opportunities for those who are willing to work, set up companies or doing business. It provides favorable investment environment such as skilled workforce, excellent infrastructure, and high quality of universities and research institutes. For foreign workers who willing to stay longer in Switzerland, you will have to acquire Switzerland Visa for a stay of more than 90 days and residence permits.

Switzerland Visa for stay of more than 90 days

Switzerland Visa

Switzerland Visa

For those who are wishing to enter Switzerland and staying for more than 90 days within an 180-day period, will be is subjected to acquire Swiss National Visa. This Switzerland Visa can be obtained in the authorization of the cantonal migration authority competent for the intended place of residence. Several occasions that someone might need this visa are a student in a long-term study in Swiss, family reunification, marriage in Switzerland, working and etc. Acquiring national visa is an obligation. Every foreign worker and student are not allowed to enter Switzerland without a visa. They also obliged to register within 2 weeks since their arrival in Switzerland to the foreign police or competent cantonal authority.

Applying for Swiss Visa

travel id

travel id

Whether you are planning to apply short stay visa or long stay visa, you can submit your visa application to the Swiss embassy or consulate general in your original country along with other supporting documents such as:

  1. A copy of your passport or travel ID
  2. A copy of proof of health insurance including accident cover
  3. A copy of bank or salary statement proving that you have adequate financial resources.

You might also bring other documents that are requested by the embassy. It depends on your reason to visit Switzerland. If you are being invited, you may be asked to put a letter of invitation from an inviting employer or individual. If you are students, you will be asked to provide a certificate of enrolment from a recognized Swiss educational institution. If there is any concern about financial resources, you should provide a declaration of sponsorship. It has to be signed by the individual or company who invited you to Switzerland and has to be confirmed by the local communal authority or cantonal migration office.

Apply for Swiss residence permit

 Swiss residence permit

Swiss residence permit

Before you are settling in Switzerland, you must apply to the local cantonal migration offices in where you intend to live. Since your arrival, you have two weeks to register to local Residents Registration Office and arrange your residence permit from the cantonal migration offices. Switzerland is a federal state which consists of 26 regions. Each region has cantonal migration offices and cantonal labor offices. Cantonal Migration Offices are responsible for issuing residence permits and cantonal labor offices are responsible for work authorization. There are several types of Swiss residence permit to be issued:

  1. Permit L

This is a residence permit for short term, valid for up to one year. It can be renewed but only for maximum 24 months. This residence permit is linked to specific job or company and you might not automatically get a new permit if you change your jobs.

  1. Permit B

This is for a temporary residence permit. Usually valid for maximum one year and can be renewed. In order to get this residence permit, you have to obtain permanent work contract. Permit B have limited number or permits relating to the work quotas. It may also have several restrictions.

  1. Permit C

This is settlement permit that allows permanent residency in Switzerland and can be renewed indefinitely. This residence permit usually issued after 10 years’ continuous residence in Switzerland. With Permit C you can change the jobs as you wish, become self-employed, or live anywhere you like in Switzerland.

For your information, several Swiss representations abroad might offer the possibility to make an appointment for the submission of the Switzerland Visa application online. Remember that you must submit a visa application at the earliest three months before your planned trip to Switzerland.