Norway Visa has a lot of advantages that you couldn’t find in another Visa. Like with this Visa you could visit every beautiful and iconic places that could only be seen in Norway like Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Geiranger, and many more. And now to make it easier, you could simply ask the VFS Global to make the Visa for you. This is really simple and wouldn’t take too much of your time. So the first thing that you need to do is open the website of VFS, choose one country that you would like to visit, fill all of the application, pay it, then wait for the result. The VFS would inform your every progress about your Visa. But there are another alternatives and also some tips to make a Norway Visa that worth to try, and here are some of them:

How To Make Norway Visa By Yourself

To save more money and add up your knowledge about Visa then you could simply make a Norway Visa by yourself. To make this Visa, all of the steps, rules, and anything are almost the same with the other country. But if you still confuse, here are the steps that you need to follow to make a Norway Visa:

  1. Make An Appointment With The Embassy
visa requirement

visa requirement

First thing that you need to is make an appointment with the Norway Embassy in your country. Usually the appointment is made online. You need to find the official website of the Embassy then fill the application to make the appointment. And if you lucky enough you would get the earliest date to meet with the Embassy.

  1. Prepare The Documents


Then you need to prepare all of the documents, such as a passport, your ID, flight ticket, hotel reservations, and the other documents. If you want your Visa get approved easily you need to get an invitation letter from the Norway, is either from the government, from your family member, or even from some company from Norway.

  1. Attend The Appointment
meet the vps global

meet the vps global

Then next thing that you need to do is attend the appointment. When you come to the Norway Embassy then the Embassy’s staff would collect and check all of your documents, then they would ask you some questions about your identity, and also your reasons why you need to visit Norway.

  1. Wait

And lastly after you answer all of the questions, then you need to wait for more days until the Embassy would call you again and inform you about your visa, is it approved or not. If it approved then you need to take it to the Embassy, then if it doesn’t say goodbye Norway.

Schengen Visa

Scenghen Visa

Scenghen Visa

Besides Norway Visa you could also make yourself a Schengen Visa. This Visa has more advantages if you want to travel more than one country in Europe. This Visa has 2 different types that you could choose, the advantages of these 2 Visas are based on your needs and also your budgets. Now, before make one of these Visas first you need to know about the Visa types:

  1. Single Entry

The Single Entry Visa is specially made for you who want to visit every single country that become the member of Schengen such as, Netherland, Denmark, German, Malta and many more. With this Visa you wouldn’t need to make another visa to visit more than one country in Europe. But, you need to know that the validity of this visa would automatically over if you ever go to another country that not listed as the member of Schengen.

  1. Multiple Entry

But if you still want to visit another country in Europe but not listed as the member of Schengen, the you could always make a Multiple Entry Schengen Visa for yourself. Different with the Single Entry Schengen Visa. This Visa would let you visit all of the Schengen countries along with the other countries in Europe that not listed as the member of Schengen. This Visa is really a perfect suit for you who want to travel all of the countries in Europe. But it is up to you to make one Visa that suit with your needs, is it the Schengen Visa or even the Norway Visa.