Main Criteria for Getting and Keeping a Job in the Schengen Area

Getting a job in Schengen countries are not as difficult as you usually imagine. There are several demanded jobs that you can apply for as long as you meet their criteria. Schengen area consists of many developed countries which are interesting to be visited. You may do vacation, educational purposes, or business aims. Nonetheless, if you think that visiting Europe depletes your pocket, then why don’t you try to make money from Schengen countries? So, what are the criteria? Here, we already drawn the main criteria for getting and keeping a job in the Schengen area in the following section.

Exploit Your Skills

For a professional job, you exactly need to have a particular skill. In this case, most European countries own programs in which they give foreigners opportunity to fill job shortages in some assorted fields. For instance, if you are good in technology and information, just looking for the jobs in this field because all European countries requires ICT professionals. Otherwise, if you like to share knowledge to others, submit your curriculum vitae in Spain, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, Latvia, Portugal. Those countries are lack of teacher, especially English teacher. Additionally, for you who are qualified in finance fields, then propose your expertise in companies in Switserland, Ireland, or Luxembourg. There you have a bigger chance than other Schengen countries. Yet, France brings on the opportunity to legal professionals to sit on the desk.

Furthermore, you can also get jobs from restaurant, hostel, bars, or home by being an au par. These kinds of jobs are easier to be applied if you don’t have any qualified skills.

Apply for Schengen Employment Visa

Besides skill, of course you also need to apply for Schengen employment visa. This visa is different with visa for educational purposes or vacation visa. Nevertheless, the policy while submitting your visa application will be depending on the country where you apply. Therefore, it is important to you to understand it first so your application won’t be rejected.

Basically, the general required documents for employment visa application in Schengen areas are similar. You have to carry on valid passport as well as two print outs of completed application form. Remember that you also need to bring two identical photos which are taken recently. Proof of accommodation, roundtrip flight reservation, and travel medical insurance are the must sheets you ought to attach in.

There are additional documents you must take in. first, you must attach proof of your academic qualification such as grade’s transcription, certificate and others. Also, you need to bring proof of your language knowledge. Language is prominent sign for communication, thus it is essential to let them know specifically in what level your knowledge of their official language is. Lastly, the notable document for employment visa application is absolutely employment contract which have been signed by you and related employer.

When all the necessary documents have been ready, you can bring them to embassy or consulate of the country which you will work. You can also submit it in the visa application center. Afterwards, be ready for the next step, a visa interview. Then, just waiting for your visa admission to be processed.

Look into the Timeline

The next significant thing to make you successfully get a job in Schengen area is considering well the timeline since the day you apply your visa employment till the day it is invalid. First, you are strongly recommended to apply the visa employment at least two months before you make your trip because commonly your visa application will be processed along 6 up to 12 weeks. Therefore, make sure that you get the employment visa before your occupation gets started.

In case of employment visa validity, it will be valid for one year. However, you can still ask for extending your employment visa by submitting the required documents as well as conduct the application process to related authority. In addition, consider your passport validity as well because it is necessary in extension process. When your employment visa validity has been extended, it means you can continue your job.

By all means, main criteria for getting and keeping a job in the Schengen area involve skill and legal document as a foreigner.

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