Requirements for a Schengen Employment Visa Application

The very first thing you need to overcome when you will get a job in Europe is applying Schengen employment visa. It is very important to allow you stay in other countries legally. Without this document, you won’t be permitted to come. Therefore, let’s get the employment visa by applying in related Schengen embassy’s country or consulate as soon as possible after you gain the employment contract from your future employer. For the further explanation, here we will present you all the requirements for Eureope working visa application:

Required Documents for an Employment Visa Application

Every Europe country has their own regulations toward visa application. However, we highlight generally the required documents in the following:

1. Application Form

The first document that all of countries ask from an employment visa applicant is people application form that commonly can be downloaded from their related official websites. After that, you must fill the application form completely. It can be conducted either in online or offline. However, it is better to type your data in online if you think that your handwriting is not clear enough. Make sure that you have a hard copy of the filled application form.

2. Two Photos of Yourself

The next necessary document is photo of yourself. Commonly the embassy asks you two pieces of photo with the size of 3×4 Cm. Furthermore, the photo must be taken recently with the color background of grey, blue, or red. It depends on the state where you apply the employment visa. Make sure your face is seen clearly. The same goes for your ears.  A photo taken by professional photo studio should do. Make it clear to them that you make the photo for a formal application.

3. Valid Passport

Valid passport is important to get an Schengen employment visa. Moreover, every country possesses its own regulation of the passport. For example, if you apply for employment Schengen visa, your passport must be valid until at least 3 months by the date you go out from Schengen areas. In addition, the passport should be no older than 10 years.

4. Employment Contract

Another document you have to bring when asking an employment visa is the employment contract. Remember that the employment contract must already been signed by you and related company. All of the data’s must be accurate. Your own profile should match your passport details. So no nickname used on the contract, or your application will be rejected. Furthermore, How long you have to work and how much you will earn must be stated clearly. The monthly salary should meet the minimal income required to live at that country. Every European country has it’s limit when it comes to minimum income rule. So make sure you know how much it should be.

5. Work Permit

This kind of document is usually required when you applying the working visa in Europe. Again how it works depends on each country. For example The Netherlands. To obtain a work permit you have to apply to CWI , Center for Work and Income. Fortunately, this ussually will be done by your future employer. Make sure they know about it, not every company aware of this document. Especially when they deal with a new foreigner. Or the staff was uninformed about this work permit.

6. Proof of Language Knowledge

Your knowledge of official language of the country which you will stay is also important. It determines whether you can communicate with people in that country or not. Therefore, you must attach a document which declare precisely the level of your language knowledge.

Most of the time English will save you, but for some work, a local languange is just hard needed. Like a function in public service sector. Thinking about Nurse, Waiter, Doctor, Laywer. You need to communicate at dailiy basis with people with different level of education, so a local languange must be used.

7. Proof of Academic Qualifications

The next sheet you need to bring is the document of your academic qualifications. It includes diploma, grade’s transcript, and certificate as well. Make sure it is a well accepted internationally. This means for the documents that are not written in English, it is better to translate it to this language by an official translator. For some diplomas, you must also make it clear that the level of education you attended is the same level at the country you are going to work at.

8. Original Company Letter

This document is definitely needed when you apply in one of those Schengen embassies. It ought to be drawn in the company letterhead of Europe organization for which you work. Yet, company registration and VAT numbers, completed company address, and the period of stay must be declared clearly on the letter.

9. Supporting documents

Some countries ask you to give several supporting documents. For instance, when you submit Netherlands working visa application, you need also to show your medical form, Vaccination, specially Tuberculose and criminal record check that have already been notarized and authenticated. Otherwise, an employment Schengen visa application must be completed with a proof of accommodation, travel medical insurance, and roundtrip flight reservation.

Employment Visa Application Fees

In case of employment visa application fee, each country exactly determines different value. For example, to have employment Schengen visa, you must pay around €70.

Processing Time of Employment Visa Application

Each country is also having different time to process employment visa application. For instance, UAE embassy will process your application soon as you have paid the charge while China takes 4 days of workday to finish it. Moreover, Schengen country takes longer time than others with the process time of 6 to 12 weeks. Therefore, if you applying employment Schengen visa, you better do it at least two months before your flight. 3 months ahead of your departure you can apply for the visa.

Those are all the requirements for Schengen employment visa application that you need to know. By all means, you have to look into the regulations of the country you will work at first, because they commonly have distinct policies.


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