These Are 10 Easiest Schengen countries to obtain a Europe Visa


Who does want to travel to Schengen countries? This place where lots of great countries exist definitelt has stolen people’s eyes around the world. Look into the most romantic country, France, or other countries with its great history like German, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. all of them are worth to be visited. Yet, the good news from visiting Schengen countries is you have no need to apply visa to each country. All you need is just applying Schengen Multiple Entry Visa and then you are allowed to come to all the Schengen areas. However, there are several country which have a little bit more tight regulation so that you may face a difficulty. Thus, before you start exploring Schengen areas, it is better if you know 10 easiest Schengen countries to obtain a Europe visa below:

1. Latvia

The most easiest country to gain Schengen visa is Latvia. It is mentioned that the possiblity of Latvia Embassy refuse a Schengen visa application is only 0,7%. It means that 99,3% your Schengen visa subsmission will be approved. Nonetheless, Latvia is not a bad idea since you will see how beautiful this country which has 12.000 rivers and 3.000 lakes. Especially, Latvia is one of the countries that has fastest internet connection in the world with the speed up to 13,8 Mbps. Therefore, Latvia will never ever fail you.

2. Iceland

The next country that is recommended to you to apply Schengen visa is Iceland. If you submit your required document to Icelandic embassy, 99,1% your request will be granted. Henceforth, this country which is well-known with its friendly citizenship is a good idea to be your first step in Europe. Otherwise, there you can also visit Pingvellir National Park which has been determined by UNESCO as the heritage site that has the value of culture, history, and geography.

3. Lithuania

Stand in the same level with Iceland, there is Lithuania which takes a part of 10 easiest Schengen countries to obtain a Schengen visa. The probability of Schengen visa admission by Lithuanian embassy is similar to Icelandic. Therefore, you can mind Lithuania as your the first Schengen countries you visite in.

4. Estonia

Another easiest country to obtain Schengen visa is the Baltic country namely Estonia. The rate of Shengen visa approval by Estonian embassy is around 99%. Thus, you don’t need to be afraid that your trip plan to Europe will be cancelled if you arrive in Estonia first.

5. Slovakia

Right behind Estonia, there is Slovakia which offer you a 98,4% guarantee of Schengen visa acception. Also, you will never ever feel regret visiting a country that has a long history and now having a city that become a center of 20.000 official creative business. Yet, there you can find lots of unique buildigs.

6. Poland

Another Schengen country that has a long history and great culture is Poland. It is good to visit the country that has 17 nobels along this time. You will also never get Schengen visa rejection if you apply in Poland embassy since it has been measured that your submission 98,3% will be approved.

7. Greece

One of 10 easiest Schengen countries to obtain a Schengen visa is the country which has a big role to world civilization, Greece. Besides you can get Schengen visa easily, you can also explore the historical heritage of this country. Yet, Greece has the richest fauna in the world, so you will be enjoyed there.

8. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is also one of the best choice to sign Schengen visa. This smallest country in Europe and the only one country with Grand Duchy in the world will let you have Schengen visa easily.

9. Czech Republic

Having a dream to explore Europe? Then, come to Czech Republic first so your Schengen visa application 97% will be accepted. There you will be happy of seeing historical monument and great cultures.

10. Netherlands

The last but no least is The Netherlands. The Schengen country which will allow you to get closer with European countries. With it’s strategic location at the center of west Europe. Besides, all you need seems like standing right on the runner up of World Cup 2010. Beautiful scenery, modern lifestyle, fashion, business, and others will be found there.

Those are 10 easiest Schengen countries to obtain a Schengen visa. you guys will have a best experience ever while visiting Schengen areas.

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