Schengen invitation visa is one package to short Schengen visa. It is an authorization that issued to the citizens that have mandatory visa requirements from the Schengen country with the sole purpose of traveling to the designated countries to fulfill the invitation from a party in the Schengen zone.  This visa does not require its holder to have the citizenship status of the designated country in order to fulfill the invitation from the party in the Schengen country. However, there are some limitations as well. Schengen invitation visa allowed its holder to stay in the designated Schengen country for maximum 3 months or 90 days within a period of six months unless the visa allows the person to have special authority. Because your main purpose of traveling is to fulfill the invitation, you are not allowed to work during the period of time.

Requirements to apply for Schengen invitation visa

scenghen visa

scenghen visa

In order to apply for this visa, you must fulfill all of the general requirements and the additional requirements. The additional requirements for one person to another can be different depending on the nature of one’s travel purpose and other relevant factors.

General requirements

  1. Download and fill the visa application form. Choose the form which is suitable for visa invitation.
  2. Print your recent photo, make sure it use passport format with full face capture and light background.
  3. Put a copy of the reservation ticket and proof of accommodation.
  4. Put your travel medical insurance that able to cover any medical emergency with hospital care.
  5. Banks statements if necessary

Additional requirements

scenghen visa requirements

scenghen visa requirements

Additional requirements depend on the types of the invitation that you get. Whether you got the invitation from the company, college, institution or you family and relatives, you will be required to put additional documents that relevant with your agenda in the invitation letter.

  1. Invitation for Bussiness purpose

Here the additional documents to prepared when you are being invited to Europe for the business purpose.

  1. One cover letter that explaining your purpose of visiting particular Schengen country
  2. Short profile about your company or your working place
  3. Memorandum and Article of Association between your company and the company in Schengen area that invites you
  4. A letter of employer which describing the itinerary of the days spend during your trip in Schengen zone
  5. The invitation letter from the partner company in the Schengen zone. The letter appears as an invitation to attend business agenda or relevant work agenda.
  1. Invitation for traveling or visiting purpose

Invitation visa for this purpose does not require many documents like in business purpose.

  1. Put the formal invitation from the relatives or friend who residing in the Schengen country
  2. Clearly stated who will cover your expenses during your trip. Are you covering the expenses by your own, or other party living in the Schengen area such as your friend, families or relatives? If it is not by your own, you will be required to put the copy of the residence permit of your relatives.
  1. Invitation for the students

This invitation usually addresses to foreign students to join conferences or conducting research in the particular educational institution in Schengen countries. Here the additional documents to prepared:

  1. Attach the formal letter of invitation from the institution who invite you to come.
  2. Put the document relate to who’s party will be covering your expenses during your trip.
  3. Ticket reservation
  4. Permission letter from your institution who send you to Schengen area or the institution you are representing for.

As Schengen Short term visa, Schengen invitation visa has regulation that it is free of charge for

  1. Children under 6 years old
  2. Pupils, Students, graduate and postgraduate students who accompanying their teacher or lecturer who undertake the trip in Europe for purpose of study and educational training.
  3. Researchers, especially from the third countries who are traveling to their community for the purpose of carrying out scientific researches.
  4. Spouses of EU or EEA citizens under certain occasions. The spouses can verify the relationship by showing the relevant documents

By using Schengen invitation visa, you may fulfill one or more invitations in different places within Schengen area. You are allowed to enter once or multiple times and stay for no longer than 3 months.