Top 25 Most Asked Questions during a Visa Interview as A Student

As a student you have to dealing with many tricky questions during a visa interview. Many of those you can just give the answers right away. While others a good thought answer is very much needed. The thing is, a misplaced reasoning could be your way out of luck. So picking which answers you should consider, is something you have to know and practice up front. Here are most asked questions during interview you should know of.

1. How You Know About This University and Why You Choose It?

Answering this question need some effort in finding the best reply. Try to do some research on the university website and write down some good advantages features of the university such as the world ranking, the most successful study, the alumni, and the others.

2. Why You Choose This Country as Your Higher Study Than Your Own Country University?

Answer this question by mentioning the good quality of the country you choose. A Higher standard education, many related higher studies you can choose afterward.

3. What Is the Reason of Choosing This Course? Is There Any Correlation with Your Previous Studies?

You should be very clear and confidence about your plan of future after this course.

4. Could You Please Tell Me About the Exact Location of The University You Have Chosen?

It is obvious, but this is a straight question you must know, you have to do some research of your chosen university.

5. If You Get the Degree Successfully Here, Will You Come to This Country Again for A Higher Degree?

Try to convince the visa officer that you are interested to do a higher study in this country because of the good quality of education.

6. What Is the Scope of Your Chosen Course?

Prepare a good statement about this study that will benefit you after completing this study.

7. What Is the Reason of You Taking This Course?

You have to answer this question by explaining clearly about your future plans after finishing the course.

8. What Is the Structure of Your Course?

Do some research about your course to convince the visa officer.

9. Do You Intend to Complete Your Study and Continue to Work in This Country?

Before answering this question, you must read the policies of immigration on embassy website of this country. Then you can answer the question.

10. What Will You Do After Your Graduation of Your Study?

Answer this question by explaining about your plans of future and career related to the course you have taken.

11. What Is Your Plans of Future?

Answer the question with a clarity reflect of thought.

12. Have You Think About the Benefit of the Course You Take?

You should be clear about the benefits that the course gives you after the graduation day.

13. How Much Money Can You Earn After Your Graduation of This Studies?

Do some research about how much the alumni of your university average earn. 

14. Have You Think About Your Residence in This Country?

You should remember the details information of your university address. A room to stay, perhaps a dormitory.

15. Who Is Your Sponsor and How Much Do They Earn Each Year?

The visa officer wants to know more about your sponsorship documents.

16. Do You Have A Proof About Your Sponsor That Will Support Your Studies?

This question is also given to recheck your supporting documents.

17. Where Is the Source of The Income of Your Sponsor?

This course is asked by the visa officer to check your income source.

18. How Are You Related to Them?

Actually, this question is related to your parent relationship.

19. What Is the Reason of They Are Sponsoring You? (If Not Family)

Give the details information about the sponsor you have.

20. Do You Have Any Close Friend in This Country?

Special for this question, you can answer it honestly about your friend in this country.

21. Where Is Your Father Income Source Coming and How Much He Earns Every Year?

Again, the question of verifying your financial documents.

22. Who All Are the Earning Members in Your Family?

Visa officer wants to know about your strong financial background.

23. What Is the Course of The Commencement Date?

You should remember about the commencement date before the visa interviews.

24. What Will Be the Most Total Cost of Your Studies Per Year?

Mention all the details of the fees and the living expenses.

25. What Will You Do During Your Off Period Per Semester?

Convince that you have a future plan about the off period per semester.

Those are all the top 25 most asked questions during a visa interview as a student. Those question are the sample and serves as a guide, the actual visa interview question may be little different. But mostly in those range.

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