You will need Cyprus Visa when you are traveling to Cyprus, whether for short trip as a tourist or as a business person or for long stays such as employment and residence. Officially the name of the country is the Republic of Cyprus, it is an island the Mediterranean Sea which is located in the south of Turkey. Cyprus is known as the third largest and the third most populous island in the Mediterranean sea. The reasons of going to Cyprus will determine what kind of Cyprus Visa you should make. Of course, different types of visa will have different requirements and regulations to obey. Before you go to the Cyprus Consulate to make your visa, you must have known what kind of visa to proposed. Here is several things to you should understand before making a Cyprus Visa.

1. Short stay and travel visas

Cyprus Visa

Cyprus Visa

Short stay and travel visas are required for those who want to go to Cyprus, not as an immigrant. For travel visa, your visit must not exceed three months. This visa gives you chance for a continuous visit to Cyprus. The duration of visits is same, it should not exceed three months in any half of a year from the date of the first visit. For short and travel visa category C, you must pay the fee for 10.25 euro

2. Long stay visas

Cyprus visa for long stay is usually required for residence, work permit and student. For residence, Foreign citizens should make an application to obtain an Immigration Permit. There are at least five criteria in the Cyprus Immigration Regulations, make sure that you are one of those criteria because an immigration permit will not be granted to anybody unless that person belongs to one of those Categories. For long stay visa category C, D, you are required to pay 34,17 euro

long stay Cyprus Visa

long stay Cyprus Visa

For work permits are sent since you are still abroad, you will need application letter and work contract stamped by the Department of Labour of the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance. These documents should be submitted to the Civil Registry and Migration Department through the respective District Aliens and Immigration Branch. After all of the documents are examined, work permits are issued.

For the student who willing to study in Cyprus, you must possess a relevant permit that issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department. It will be issued for a specific educational institution. If you decide to change the educational institution, then you must obtain a new residence permit. During their study, foreign students from non-EU countries are not allowed to work in Cyprus, except the students got legal permission from the Government.

3. Airport transit visa

Airport transit Cyprus Visa

Airport transit Cyprus Visa

This visa is required for the several countries citizens when they are passing through the international Cyprus airports without actually entering the national territory of Cyprus during transfer between two stages of an international flight. There are 13 countries whose the citizens are required to have this visa during their transit such as Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Turkey. For airport transit visa category A,  you are required to pay the fee for 10.25 euro

4. Transit visas

This visa is issued for those who are traveling from one country to another country and they have to pass through the territory of Cyprus. This visa may be issued for one transit or more. The duration of each transit is no more than five days. The transit visa is made to make sure the traveler that their entry to the territory of the destination country is guaranteed. For transit visa category B, you are required to pay 10.25 euro.

5. Group visas

Group visa is same with the transit visa but this visa is limited to maximum thirty days. The group visa is issued to ensure that the members of the group had entered the territory, stay there and leave the territory as a group. This visas can be issued to groups consist of 5 to 50 people. The person who is in charge of the group should possess an individual passport and individual visa. For group visa category A, B, C, you are required to pay 34,17 euro + 1.71 euro for each group member.

After you read the article above, have you decide what types of visa to proposed? If you have decided it then you can get the application form for Cyprus visa in here.