Schengen Visa Making Tips You Should Know

Schengen Visa Making Tips-Currently, holidays to Europe are becoming a trend in itself. This is because Europe has many tourist destinations in every country. More fun is the countries in Europe have a location that is close each other. That way, you can minimize the time to walk from one place to another. One of the magic cards you can use to explore Europe is a schengen visa. This visa was the result of a Schengen agreement by the EU countries in the village of Schengen Luxemburg in 1985. One of the contents of the agreement was to remove border controls among those countries, including various rules on common policy for short-term entry permits.

Tips Pengajuan Pembuatan Visa Schengen

Schengen Visa Making Tips

By using a schengen visa, you can explore 25 European countries without having to bother taking visas when moving from one country to another. This visa also applies not only to travel but also to business activities. Then how to apply for this visa? Here are some tips on making a schengen visa.

Submit a Schengen Visa Through the Dutch Embassy

pengajuan visa schengen Kedutaan Belanda

The first schengen visa application is that you must apply for a visa to the Dutch embassy. This is because the Netherlands is well known for its ease in granting schengen visas, especially for holders of green passports. In fact, it is said that currently the Netherlands gives full support to Indonesia to apply visa schengen-free. However, you can apply for this visa to other state embassies which are still included in the Schengen area such as Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and others.

Although your destination is actually Germany or France, you can still apply for a schengen visa to the Netherlands by making your trip as like to the Netherlands. The trick is to show proof of your hotel reservation while in the Netherlands and show proof of ticket reservation between countries such as buses, or train that shows you will go to the Netherlands.

Create Agreement With VFS Global

VFS Global

The second thing, in the schengen visa filing tips is that you must make an agreement with VFS Global. This is because since July 1, 2016, the Dutch embassy has fully submitted the visa to VFS Global. That way, if you want to make a schengen visa, you should make it in VFS Global office. VFS Global Office itself is in Jakarta, Bali and Surabaya. However, before you apply for the visa, you must make an appointment at first. To make an appointment, you have to open the VFS Global official website and make an appointment. After you successfully make an appointment, the VFS Global party will provide confirmation in the form of electronic mail. Confirmation must be printed and brought when you come to VFS Global office.

Prepare the Entire Document Perfectly

VFS Global

The key to success in applying for a schengen visa, is the completeness of the submitted documents. The documents you should prepare like below:

Registration Form that can be obtained at the embassy where you apply for a visa.
Original passport and photocopy.
3 x 4 photo passes are white.
Travel insurance.
Certificate of work or school / college.
Proof of savings for the last 3 months.
Printout proof of airline ticket reservation.
Printout of hotel / lodging reservation and travel plans
Travel plans in detail while in Europe.

Well, that’s some tips filing visa schengen. May be useful.

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