The 10 Common Reasons Why Schengen Visa Applications Get Rejected

Have you ever experienced a visa application rejection? If yes, it must be annoying. The planned trip to Europe that had been arranged far in advance had to be cancelled. It is all just because you do not understand well the requirements of applying a visa. It will be a big problem if you actually have crucial purposes to go abroad such as medical intention, business purposes and study. Thus, be careful when you prepare all the requirements needed before coming to the embassy or consulate. Furthermore, look into anything which could make your visa submission be refused. Here, we will let you know the common reasons why Schengen visa applications get rejected:

1. Invalid Passport

The first common reason why visa applications get rejected is the use of an invalid passport. Each country usually has a different policy toward the passport invalidity. For instance, Schengen countries regulate people who want to apply for Schengen visa, so they must submit a valid passport at least 3 months after the date they leave the Schengen area. Make sure that your passport is in a good condition since a defective passport may also be rejected. Accordingly, it is better if you find out the requirements of the visa application in your destination first, then check your passport validity. Also, don’t forget to keep your passport well and safe.

2. Fake Travel Documents

If you think you can trick the embassy or consulate by exerting a fake travel document such as reference letter of a bank, employment, financial proof, hotel reservation, or identity, you are absolutely erroneous. The embassy would never let the fake documents get verified because they always do strict checking. Therefore, never ever use fake documents. It is totally wrong, not only when you are signing in a visa application but also other occasions that require those kinds of documents. Refusal is not the only thing that you will gain, you may also deal with the European law.

3. Criminal Actions Record

Almost all embassy and consulate officers will consider your criminal actions record. In case of past or current criminal actions where you were engaged in, it can be the point of your visa rejection. Especially if you are involved with threating the public policy, like terrorism, you will definitely be refused. Therefore, behaving well is important wherever you are.

4. Inadmissible Birth or Marriage Certificate

Birth and marriage certificates are parts of general visa applications you must submit. The problem is coming if you cannot present the certificate that is not authorized by ministry as well as inadequacy of civil certificate proof. Additionally, if there is incompatibility data in the certificate with other documents also will make your Europe visa application is rejected. Inadmissible birth or marriage certificate can also be happened if it cannot show both parents of the child, the legal sole custody order for the child, or the legal adoptive documents for the adoptive child.

5. Inappropriate Travel Insurance

Another reason why your visa application gets refused is the faulty of travel insurance. For example if the amount coverage of your travel insurance does not meet the minimum requirement or it cannot cover the whole days of your trip, then your visa will be rejected.

6. Inadequate of the Travel Itinerary Proof

One reason that embassies or consulates decline your visa submission is that you may not prove the travel Itinerary or either the travel itinerary is inadequate. Especially if you are applying for Schengen visa, the travel itinerary is a big matter since it determines where you should propose the visa. Therefore, draw your travelling plan in detail including where you will stay, how long you will stay, what transportation you will use if you move from one town to another and so on.

7. Lack of the Explanation for the Travel Purposes

The common reason why embassies deny visa applications is because people cannot provide a strong explanation for their travel purposes. For instance, you can not give travel purposes referenced from related institutions or companies which declare you will be back after your purpose is finished. On the other hand, if you cannot prove that your professional qualification fulfills your financial situation, you may also be declined.

8. Insufficient Financial Support

To get the visa, you are required to present your bank and credit references which state your financial situations in the last 6 months. If this is not sufficient as your subsistence or you give inappropriate bank statements, you will be rejected.

9. Invalid Letter Reference

Some letter references are also required to prove your travel purposes. Put all of the datas required, fill the in form from a to z. However, if it is not authenticated, your visa application will still be rejected.

10. Lack to Provide a Proof of Accommodation

Another matter of visa refusal is the lack of accommodation proof. Therefore, demonstrate your hotel reservation or other proof which could explicate where you will stay during abroad.

Those were all the common reasons why Schengen visa applications get rejected. To avoid these issues, it would be best if you understand the requirements first and prepare them well.

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